Keeping Things Private On Telegram


Here are a few things you might want to do to keep yourself private when using Telegram. All these setting can be found in Privacy and Security settings. These are suggested settings and set them to what you feel comfortable with. *** IMPORTANT...

Ad-blocking For YouTube


I’ve had a few people ask what I used to block YouTube Ads. If you are NOT running a Pi-hole, this combination might work for you. Use Brave BrowserUse this Chromium browser plugin – I’ve heard that the above plugin might not work...

ADA Delegating


Here is a great article walking you through the steps of delegating your Cardano ADA. Below is a quick video on how to stake your ADA on the wallet delegating with Staking has been pushed off until August 13, 2020. Payouts...

Horizen – ZEN


Below is some information on Horizen’s ZEN and how you can use the ZEN Faucet to earn free ZEN daily. Main website – website – The coin can be stored on 2 hardware wallets, Ledger & CoolWallet. There is also a variety of other...

Where To Get A Pi-hole


There are a few places online you can pick up a Pi-hole or you can build one yourself out of a Raspberry Pi. But if you don’t have the expertise or want to spend the time just buy one online and get it into your network. When you’re...

Pi-hole Update Software


How to update your RaspberryPi OS Running Pi-hole To update software in RaspberryPi OS, you can use the apt tool in a terminal. Open a terminal window from the taskbar or application menu. First, update your system’s...

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