Pi-hole Update IP Address


Pi-hole Reset IP Address

There are 2 basic ways to update your IP address. You can terminal into your Pi-hole or reconfigure your Pi-hole and make the changes to your IP address as well as other settings. The first example is to update your ip address by modifying the file /etc/dhcpcd.conf. This is the easiest and quickest method to do.

interface eth0
        static ip_address=
        static routers=
        static domain_name_servers=

The Video below walks you through the steps to update your IP Address

Below are the text commands that are shown in the video above

Open a command prompt on your computer. If you don’t know how to do that, you will have to google it for your particular OS.Enter the command below. Replace the IP address with your IP address that it shipped with

ssh [email protected]

3. Enter the command below to get to the root directory

cd /

4. To find where you are located in the computer you can type the command below. I only show this since it’s in the video.


5. Type this command into your command prompt. It will take you directly to the file that needs to be modified. The video gives you a little bit more details on what the commands might do individually.

nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

6. Make the changes as described in the video to update your IP address. You will make the changes to the white colored IP addresses similar to what is below.

interface eth0
        static ip_address=
        static routers=
        static domain_name_servers=

7. When your changes are made, type the following keys on your keyboard

control + x

8. You will see the following show up and you should hit the “Y” key

Save modified buffer?  (Answering "No" will DISCARD changes.)

9. Hit the enter key to save what was just modified in the document. You should see the following show up and save it.

File Name to Write: etc/dhcpcd.conf 

10. You have completed the task. Type the command below to close your connection and reboot the pi-hole with the changes you made.

sudo reboot now

Remove Meta Data From Your Photos


Here are a few simple step to remove meta data from the photos you take. It’s important to remove this data before posting to social media sites, if they don’t already strip this information. Signal automatically strips this data before being sent. Remove Metadata From Photos in MacOSRemove Metadata From Photos in iPhoneRemove Metadata From Photos in WindowsRemove Metadata From Photos in Android

Remove Metadata From Photos in MacOS

Select the photo you wish to modify Open the photo in Preview app From the Tools pulldown menu select Show InspectorOnce the More Info box is open click on the GPS tabClick on the Remove Location Info buttonYour Photo will have it’s meta GPS data removed.The other meta data will remain unless you use a 3rd party software to remove it. You can see the only thing that might identify you is the type of iPhone that was used to take the picture.

Remove Metadata From Photos in iPhone

Open the Photos app Select the intended photoClick Share buttonClick OptionsUnder Include deselect (no green) Location and All Photos DataClick Done

Remove Metadata From Photos in Windows

Locate the photo you wish to modifyRight-click itFrom the popup window, select PropertiesA window will open. Click the Details tab at the top of the windowClick on the link at the bottom of window Remove Properties and Personal Information.Select the editing choice you’d like to use. The information you selected to have deleted is now removed.

Remove Metadata From Photos in Android

Open the Gallery app Select the intended image and click ‘More’Click ‘Details’Select ‘Edit’Click the ‘-’ symbol next to details you wish to delete


Why Use Signal


Here is what I’ve come up with and why I think signal is the best encrypted voice and text messaging app to use.

Company information

In 2013,  Moxie Marlinspike (real name Matthew Rosenfeld) founded Open Whisper Systems to develop the Signal app and protocol. In 2018, Marlinspike and Brian Acton founded Signal Messenger, LLC, to take over the development of both the Signal app and the Signal Protocol. Signal Messenger, LLC is funded by the Signal Technology Foundation (aka Signal Foundation), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All products of the Signal Foundation are published as free and open-source software.


Signal is generally considered the most secure messaging app in existence.100% open source code. The code is available on GitHub.The Signal Messaging Protocol was independently audited in 2016.The service is fully GDPR compliant.Clients for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux

Where is your Signal data stored?

When you use Signal, your data is stored in encrypted form on your devices. The only information that is stored on the Signal servers for each account is the phone number you registered with, the date and time you joined the service, and the date you last logged on. As Signal points out,

Notably, things we don’t have stored include anything about a user’s contacts (such as the contacts themselves, a hash of the contacts, any other derivative contact information), anything about a user’s groups (such as how many groups a user is in, which groups a user is in, the membership lists of a user’s groups), or any records of who a user has been communicating with.All message contents are end-to-end encrypted, so we don’t have that information either.

This is great for your privacy, since no one can get any more information than that without physical access to your device or those of the people you communicate with.

Subpoena Nothing?

Signal proved its trustworthiness in a 2016 case where the service was subpoenaed. Developer Open Whisper Systems responded to a grand jury subpoena saying it could only produce the time an account was created and the most recent date that a user’s Signal app connected to its servers. The court had asked for significantly more detail like user names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Signal had retained none of it.

Third Party Security Audits

A formal security analysis of the Signal protocol was conducted in 2016. According to that analysis, conducted by researchers from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada, there were no major flaws in the design. It showed that the protocol was cryptographically sound. The analysis has been updated several times since, without changing the researcher’s conclusion that the protocol is sound. The last update was published in July, 2019.

Note: In September, 2019, a bug in the user interface of the Android version of the Signal app was discovered that could have allowed an attacker to eavesdrop on Signal users. According to, the bug was fixed the same day it was reported. This incident shows both the responsiveness of the Signal team, and the importance of keeping your copy of the Signal app and desktop updated.

Article Lists

The European Commission has told its staff to switch to the encrypted Signal messaging app in a move that’s designed to increase the security of its communications. The Verge

Ditch All Those Other Messaging Apps: Here’s Why You Should Use Signal. Wired

Hedera – Chicken or the Egg?


The video below explains what’s happening when you try to create a HBAR wallet on your Ledger and and your current HBAR wallet can’t send HBAR out before crashing or not being able to access the send function of the wallet due to other unforeseen reasons.

In order to create a new wallet on your Ledger Nano, you need to fund it with one HBAR. But when you wallet can’t send an HBAR to create this new wallet, what do you do? The video below is only understandable if you’ve watched the other 2 previous Hedera videos.

Please below if you’re having issues with your HBAR mobile wallet and what those issues might be.


VPN Companies Caught Logging User Info


I’ve started to compile a list of VPN companies caught doing what they said they would never do, log user data. Do you really trust your VPN provider?

PureVPN was caught logging customer data for the FBI.IPVanish collected logs on their users.HideMyAss provided logs to US authorities for a hacking caseUFO VPN exposed millions of log files about users of its service, including their account passwords and IP addresses, despite claiming that it keeps no logs.Seven VPN Services Including UFO VPN, Rabbit VPN, Fast VPN Leaked Over 1.2TB of Private User Data: Report


Hedera HBAR Wallet Recovery


I’ve had issues recently with the Hedera HBAR wallet on my iPhone AND iPad. Every time I’ve tried to send coins the app would crash and no coins would be sent. I’ve had other people complain about not being able to get passed the HBAR wallet asking to approve the 24 words. The iPhone wallet was working about 2 weeks ago (early July 2020) when I accessed it to move some coins over to my ledger. There must have been some upgrade that threw a wrench into things. Maybe Apple will fix things, maybe Hedera will. Either way, I’m not waiting around for a fix.

The main idea is to get your HBAR off a mobile or browser extension wallet. I sleep much better at night knowing my coins are on a hardware wallet. The idea around the video is to show you how to easily recover your HBAR, using your 24 words, to a browser extension wallet. I’m not a fan of extension wallets so immediately after restoring the wallet I sent all my HBAR to my Ledger NanoX. I didn’t opt to delete and restore my wallet on my iPhone or iPad just incase I didn’t have the correct 24 words.

Please see my other video explaining how to set up your Ledger and Hedera HBAR prior to recovering your older wallet.


Hedera HBAR on Ledger


I feel most comfortable when my coins are securely behind a hardware wallet. That’s what I do with each and every coin that I can.

Notes for video

Write down your new Account number. It’s not stored in your Ledger.If you follow the directions on Hedera’s website you will need to KYC. Following the directions above I was able to create a new Hedera Account without having to KYC. The new account allows me to send and receive with no issues. You will need to find someone to send (1) one HBAR to you so you can create your new HBAR wallet. If you have issues with #4 above, you can always contact me here.If you would like to help other people create wallets, please consider donating to the wallet that will be used to help others. The wallet address can be found below.

Donation HBAR Address


Theta Staking – How To Video


Below is a video on how you can Stake/Delegate your Theta on the Mainnet 2.0. If you want to see how I’m going to stake my Theta, please watch this video.

If you want to see the Theta Network in action, you can view the Guardian Monitor page.

You keep your Theta in your own wallet. You hold your own private keys. You will never send your Theta to another wallet to be staked. You will stake from within your own wallet. If someone tells you that you need to send Theta to their wallet, leave the conversation. If someone tells you that they need your private keys or 24 word phrase, run from the conversation.It takes 48 hours to “unstake” the coins you have staked. The time might be different since it is based on blocks and clock time. Visit and scroll down to “Stats” for the current Stake Withdraw time. You will have to un-stake tokens prior to sending them to another wallet. If you stake multiple times and want to un-stake your tokens, you need to un-stake all tokens and re-stake the remaining.While using any Guardian Node to Delegate, the TFuel you earn should arrive back into the wallet you are staking from.Binance and other exchanges offer Theta staking. I’m not sure what their staking process is. But remember, if you don’t hold your coins, you don’t own your coins.

Official how to stake doc from Theta

Hardware Requirements to run Guardian Node:Minimum token amount to stake: 10,000 THETA tokensInternet speed: 5Mbps+ up and downCPU: 4 cores or moreMemory: 8 GBytes or more

Don’t want to purchase hardware or run a VPS? Check out this info.

Theta Mainnet 2.0 Staking Guide medium article

Theta Mainnet 2.0 FAQs medium article

Looking for an ROI on staking?This excerpt is from an admin running . See the image below. You can find this updated at every checkpoint on the theta blockchain. “You can now calculate your Tfuel earnings by using the coefficients above. I could not find them anywhere, so I added them to the site. They very from checkpoint to checkpoint and the 1000K should be accurate to the eighteenth decimal place (why not?) for calculating rewards, the same as the theta blockchain.  Also on the right side, you can estimate your ROI per day, month, and year. Keep in mind these values will fluctuate greatly on block speed and Tfuel price. (assumes 100% uptime) ;


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