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Theta Staking – How To Video

Below is a video on how you can Stake/Delegate your Theta on the Mainnet 2.0. If you want to see how I’m going to stake my Theta, please watch this video.

If you want to see the Theta Network in action, you can view the Guardian Monitor page.

  1. You keep your Theta in your own wallet. You hold your own private keys. You will never send your Theta to another wallet to be staked. You will stake from within your own wallet. If someone tells you that you need to send Theta to their wallet, leave the conversation. If someone tells you that they need your private keys or 24 word phrase, run from the conversation.
  2. It takes 48 hours to “unstake” the coins you have staked. The time might be different since it is based on blocks and clock time. Visit and scroll down to “Stats” for the current Stake Withdraw time. You will have to un-stake tokens prior to sending them to another wallet. If you stake multiple times and want to un-stake your tokens, you need to un-stake all tokens and re-stake the remaining.
  3. While using any Guardian Node to Delegate, the TFuel you earn should arrive back into the wallet you are staking from.
  4. Binance and other exchanges offer Theta staking. I’m not sure what their staking process is. But remember, if you don’t hold your coins, you don’t own your coins.

Official how to stake doc from Theta

Hardware Requirements to run Guardian Node:
Minimum token amount to stake: 1,000 THETA tokens
Internet speed: 5Mbps+ up and down
CPU: 4 cores or more
Memory: 8 GBytes or more

Don’t want to purchase hardware or run a VPS? Check out this info.

Theta Mainnet 2.0 Staking Guide medium article

Theta Mainnet 2.0 FAQs medium article

Looking for an ROI on staking?
This excerpt is from an admin running See the image below. You can find this updated at every checkpoint on the theta blockchain.

“You can now calculate your Tfuel earnings by using the coefficients above. I could not find them anywhere, so I added them to the site. They very from checkpoint to checkpoint and the 1000K should be accurate to the eighteenth decimal place (why not?) for calculating rewards, the same as the theta blockchain.  Also on the right side, you can estimate your ROI per day, month, and year. Keep in mind these values will fluctuate greatly on block speed and Tfuel price. (assumes 100% uptime)

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