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Theta Staking – What I’m Doing

I have spoken in the past about how I’ve been staking/delegating my Theta tokens on Theta’s Beta Sapphire network. I also mentioned how you might be able to participate in staking using my Guardian Node. Just as many things in life change, so has my staking strategy. Take a listen to my video below to see how I’ve decided to stake my Theta tokens.

After watching the video, you might still want to stake your Theta on your own hardware. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and ask for help.

GPool is run by a bunch of great guys and I highly recommends staking there. One thing to be aware of is that if you don’t meet the minimum requirements to Delegate, you can Stake your Theta on GPool. The minimum number of Theta to Delegate on a Guardian Node is 10,000 Theta. If you have under that amount you can Stake it on GPool or Binance.

Delegation of Theta does not require you to send your Theta tokens out of your wallet. You hold your private keys and your tokens when delegating. To un-delegate your Theta, it takes about 28,800 blocks or about 48 hours.

Staking of Theta requires you to send your Theta tokens to a 3rd party holder. Un-staking on GPool takes around 9 days. If you stake at Binance I believe your un-staking time is much shorter. If you plan to stake your Theta and not delegate, Binance might be a better choice.

GPool does Delegation and Staking of Theta. I believe Binance will do staking of your Theta, but you will not get the same return as someone like GPool. Binance needs to make a profit off of everything they do. So why would GPool delegate your Theta for free? GPool is doing this to support the Theta community. Their intensions are to get as many Theta off the Exchanges and locked into Delegating. This is good for everyone and for the price of Theta.

Info on GPool:
Website –
Telegram –
Patreon –

Below is a screen shot from my Theta wallet showing the TFuel that flows right into my wallet steadily every 100 blocks (11-15 mins). This is a result of delegating on a Theta Guardian Node. I am staking my Theta on GPool’s Guardians.

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