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ZIL – Storing Zilliqa on Ledger

There is a difference between a Ledger NanoS and a NanoX. ZIL is one of those differences. In order to store you ZIL on a Ledger you need to store it on a NanoS. If you plug in your Ledger NanoX and search for ZIL, you will find nothing. But if you do that same search while your NanoS is installed you will find the app. The official Ledger Support page for ZIL.

Searches while Ledger NanoS connected

Searches while Ledger NanoX connected

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  1. apsara

    Wow, so the newer Ledger X has an older Firmware and doesn’t support all the coins the S does. Just ordered a X to ‘rule them all’ with only one device instead of jumping through my several Ledger S.

    Thanks again for finding this out and letting us know!

    • Actually it’s not the firmware that’s the issue. I think it’s a compatibility issue that the ZIL app was originally written in. The folks who wrote the ZIL (ZIL community) would need to update their code for it to work properly with the LedgerX. I still feel the LedgerX is the king.

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