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Swapping ETHOS, BQX to VGX

The question came up on how you can swap your ETHOS and BQX to VGX. I’m not exactly sure when the rebranding occurred, but ETHOS was rebranded to VGX. You can read the official announcement. But if it’s been rebranded, do you need to swap your coins for new coins? Here is the answer from someone in their tech support group.


The Voyager Token (VGX) was previously trading under both BXQ (Bitquence) and ETHOS (Ethos). Not all exchanges or wallets have been able to make appropriate updates to the display name and ticker when these rebranding efforts took place. Binance, in particular, still shows BQX (The Voyager Token) as the ticker symbol and name. Some other wallets and exchanges still show ETHOS.

However, the underlying ETH contract for the token was never changed when the display name and ticker was rebranded. You can seamlessly send funds to and from any exchange or wallet regardless of the name being different. No token swap is needed. BQX, ETHOS and VGX will be received properly across exchanges or wallets even if the display name is not matching.

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  1. apsara

    Can only read the first line until “previously trading under”. Seems not a browser issue and I think the original reply was a bit longer.


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