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Huge Thank You!!June 28, 2020

Just wanted to send a big thank you out to all of you that support GPooL and the community projects we support (i.e. ).

I would also like to address the recent Theta blockchain reward that was missed (30DMB of “1”). This was the result of 3 of the 12 VNs going offline, from what I have been told by from Jieyi (Theta lead Dev) this was an edge case issue (rare) that has been dealt with. Even though every single GN on the network missed this block reward, GPooL does not plan on missing any of them outside of things like this, that are outside our control. Do to that we feel it was appropriate to address this one, as well as any if ever it happens again. Yes, you can see some GNs have 1000’s missed in the 30DMB (Number of missed checkpoint reward blocks in the last 30 days) column at (GM), but this is why you support GPooL to make sure you do not miss even a single one.

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    • I just got this confirmed with my contact at Theta. “guys, the earnings on the PGN (Pre-Guardian Node) wont be paid out anymore since the GN (Guardian Node) have started earning payments on mainnet 2.0, the last payouts for tfuel earned for PGN were paid out a while ago, so the pgn tab can be ignored now, an update for the edge node will remove the PGN tab as its no longer required.” (or used).

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