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Here is a very quick example on how you can un-delegate your Theta Tokens. When you un-delegate your Theta, you must un-delegate all your tokens and re-delegate.

  1. Log into your Theta Wallet via the online wallet . You do not need to log into GPool or any other delegator to un-delegate your tokens
  2. After you have logged in, click on the Stakes tab.

  3. Use the address circled in red from the above image under Holder. This is the address of the Theta Guardian Node you have Delegated against. Do Not use the Guardian Node Summary address to withdraw. The address circled above is from GPool, yours may be different. Highlight your address and use the copy feature of your browser.
  4. Click the Withdraw Stake button.
  5. Copy the address from the previous page into the field above.
  6. Continue the remainder of the process. (I’ll add more when I un-delegate mine)
  7. The withdrawal takes about 48 hours to finalize and the coins become available.

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