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How To Find Your IP Address On Mac & Windows

In order to configure your Pi-hole correctly I’ll need to know your current IP range. Below is a video showing you how to find your IP address on both a Mac & Windows computer. To set up your Pi-hole correctly I need your Internal IP range and not the External IP address that your internet provider issues to your internet modem/router.

Internal IP addresses typically will look like the following:

When your Pi-hole is configured I will set the ip address to a standard that will match your network IP range and this information can be found below.

Pi-hole IP –
Gateway IP –

Pi-hole IP –
Gateway IP –

If your IP range is not set correctly, your computer will not be able to access the admin pages and you will not be able to access the Pi-hole. If this is the case, you would need to manually re-set the IP address to something that would match your network range.


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