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Adding DTA to Klaytn Wallet

After you do your native DTA token swap at any of the exchanges, you will need to move your DTA (native) to one of the online wallets. This will focus on getting into the Klaytn Wallet. You can create your own Klaytn wallet by visiting Setting up a wallet is easy. Just follow the simple online creation tool. After you have your wallet established, you will need some extra information to show you DTA (native) in the klaytn wallet. It’s a similar process of adding an ERC20 token in MEW.

Please refer to the DTA Token Swap page for more information on the native token swap.

You will need this information to Add the DTA (native) token to the Klaytn Wallet.

Token Symbol – DTA
Token Contract Address – 0x8177ac20455f31d8cb777923f0c632436568c719
Decimals – 18

DTA (DATA) put out a comprehensive Kakao Klaytn Wallet User Guide

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