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Hedera HBAR on Ledger


I feel most comfortable when my coins are securely behind a hardware wallet. That’s what I do with each and every coin that I can. Notes for video Write down your new Account number. It’s not stored in your Ledger.If you follow the...

GPool Updates


Below is a list of updates posted on the GPool Patreon page. If you are using the GPool Guardian Node to stake your Theta, please support them by joining their Patreon Group Huge Thank You!! – June 28, 2020 Just wanted to send a big thank you...

Theta Staking on GPool Guardian Node


Learn how to Delegate your Theta Tokens on GPool’s Guardian Node with the video above. There has been quite a bit of confusion as to the difference between Delegating and Staking. Let’s see if the information below helps. Delegating...

Theta Staking – What I’m Doing


I have spoken in the past about how I’ve been staking/delegating my Theta tokens on Theta’s Beta Sapphire network. I also mentioned how you might be able to participate in staking using my Guardian Node. Just as many things in life...

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