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I had one of the users concerned about using the CyberLab VPN and wondered if it would slow down his internet connection like his current VPN provider does. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I never notice a slowdown. Here are my results.

I ran these tests from my house using Gig Fibre. I’m in the Eastern Time Zone (USA) during this test. This test was conducted on August 16, 2020. Each test was run from the VPN city to St. Louis, MO. London and Sydney were tested to St. Louis, MO and to a local connection in their own city. Your speeds will vary depending on your location and how busy your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is.

Home Baseline no VPN to UniversityHome Baseline no VPN
Atlanta to St. Louis, MO
Dallas to St. Louis, MO
Fremont to St. Louis, MO
Newark to St. Louis, MO
London to St. Louis, MO
London to London
Sydney to St. Louis, MO
Sydney to Sydney

Internet speed tests might be a bit rigged, but it’s the easiest way to test your speed. That’s why I ran the test from each VPN city to a central city and not the closest city to the VPN connection

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