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Theta Mainnet 2.0 Staking Options

There are a few ways you can stake your Theta on their new Mainnet 2.0.

First Option – set up your own server. The requirements for a Guardian node are the following:
1. A minimum of 10,000 Theta tokens
2. Minimum 5Mbps+ up and down
3. CPU: 4 cores or more; Memory: 8 GBytes or more

Second Option – Sign up for a new Theta-guardian-node through Google Cloud Platform and spend about $200/month. You would need to stake at least 100k Theta and have the Tfuel price be over $0.04 to break even. Remember when Google’s unofficial motto was “don’t be evil”? Well they removed that back in 2015. Enough said?

Third OptionStake your Theta at GPool. This option is probably the easiest and best choice. There is no overhead to you and nothing to buy. You would need to stake things on your end, but that’s a fairly simple process.

If you want to have all the fun of running your own Guardian, go for option #1 above. Don’t waste your time and money (at these prices) on option #2. Shelling out a min of $200/month to Google just doesn’t have the ROI that you’d need to make it profitable.

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  1. dbrock35

    Is there a general guideline for loading theta on a single node versus setting up multiple stakes? For example, is it better to have 1 node with 20K Theta or 2 with 10K? Thanks in advance!

    • Honestly the best thing is to do 1 with 20k. Are you going to actually run a node or use someone like GPool? I was going to run my own, but I gave that up when I saw how they are running theirs over at Gpool.

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