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Reasons To Care About Your Digital Footprint

You can learn more about your Digital Footprint in a 9 module lesson produced by the Internet Society.

Module 1: What is a Digital Footprint?

This tutorial will review the benefits and costs of your digital footprint.

Module 2: Why did we Start Leaving such Big Footprints?

This tutorial is a case study of how everyday Internet users can build up such a big digital footprint.

Module 3: What is the Economic Bargain for Internet Users?

Everything has a price! This tutorial will look at the economics of your digital footprint.

Module 4: Are Digital Footprints a Problem?

Is loss of privacy on the Internet an issue?

Module 5: Do Different Devices Make Different Digital Footprints?

What’s the difference between a digital footprint made by a smart phone and a tablet?

Module 6: How Can I Manage My Digital Footprints?

While managing your digital footprint isn’t easy, this tutorial will guide you on how you can start making it part of your online routine.

Module 7: Who Is Tracking Me and How Do They Do It?

This tutorial looks at who follows us around the Internet.

Module 8: What Dynamics are at Work in the World of Digital Footprints?

This tutorial gives an overview of the nuances of what a digital footprint can mean in different parts of the world.

Module 9: How Does Legislation Affect Digital Footprints?

The Internet is global, but privacy laws are not. This tutorial looks at how privacy laws in different parts of the world can impact your digital footprint.

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