PrivacyFight Project

In order for this project to move forward the following items must be resolved. George has completed his initial review and will wait for the following information (numbers 1 to 8) to be defined before moving further on with the project.

Currently Active List

Current Page on – – Sept 2, 2020 done

  1. Site will be used for staging and allowing people who can’t see videos on current site a place to view the videos.
    • I will need a list of users to create a coupon to allow them to have access to the site. The list needs to contain the following
      • email address
      • product purchased
      • date purchased
    • I will create a coupon unique to them and they will be required to register on the site and used the coupon code to complete the process
    • Once I receive the list I will let you notify them as to what they need to do to watch videos on

Current To Do List

  1. (JohnJay & Jay) What will the business entity be to take in payments? Keeping it to “Stripe” credit card processing is the easiest way. But there also appears to be an automated ACH gateway (see below #4 under Future). It must be tied to a business entity bank account before I can even start to test integration into the site.
    • Maybe you have a current business entity that can accept credit cards
    • Business Name?
    • What is the business address?
    • Must have a business bank account to link payments to
    • George – I do not wish to 1) be a member of the business entity, 2) file taxes on behalf or 3) maintain the business entity. I just need to have access to the financials/bank account/credit card processor part of the business
  2. (JohnJay, Jay & George) Rev Share split
    • We will use affiliate codes for sales From PrivacyFight To BitcoinAcademy
      • This rev share is 60% Jay & George / 40% JohnJay
      • This was the original deal on a call earlier this year
    • Current deal on PrivacyFight with Matthew is 50/50 split
      • Rev split 50% Jay & George / 50% JohnJay of Net
        • (JohnJay) Please include a current list of expenses that will be taken out of Gross
        • (JohnJay) Please give us an idea on what monthly sales have been YTD
  3. There are 2 types of Members.
    1. (Georgedone) Members that sign up for a newsletter
      • Looked at site and appears to be exportable
    2. (JohnJay) Members who have Paid for access
      • I need to gain access to this site or list or whatever process is handling this.
      • I have no idea where this is located and does not appear to be run on SquareSpace
      • I will need the data to test export the users
        • Not sure if passwords will be exported properly
        • Reoccurring payments will not happen and they will have to reorder manually
  4. (JohnJay) – I need to have access to an an Ultimate account so I can see the internal structure of the site.
  5. (JohnJay) – You need to let me know the essential pages/items that need to be included to have a launch-able site.
  6. (JohnJay) – Who has done your artwork for the site. Has this been handled by Mathew?
    • Do you know if this was handed off to a 3rd party for creation?
  7. (JohnJay) – Where are your videos currently hosted?
    • Who has control of those videos?
    • Please see list of videos I have in Jay’s Vimeo account. Am i missing any?
  8. (JohnJay) – Tell me how you use your site day to day. What needs to be created for your use
    • How often do you use your online calendar to make appointments.
  9. (JohnJay) – Who owns and operates your YouTube Channel. Do you have login information for it?
  10. (JohnJay)- Who owns and operates your Vimeo account? Do you have login information for it?
  11. (JohnJay) – Who owns or operates your soundcloud –

Future To Do List

  1. Create business entity
  2. Open bank account
  3. Apply for credit card processing if you want to go down that road
  4. Purchase Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway
  5. Export & Import Paid customers – TBD
    • Link paid customer to package purchased
    • Manual process

Current Vimeo List

I don’t know what I am missing, but I do NOT have the videos listed below:

Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 1 (Live November 12, 2019)
Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 2 (Live November 19, 2019)
Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 3 (Live November 26, 2019
Crypto Profit & Taxes, Part 4 (Live December 3, 2019)