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Theta Staking – What I’m Doing


I have spoken in the past about how I’ve been staking/delegating my Theta tokens on Theta’s Beta Sapphire network. I also mentioned how you might be able to participate in staking using my Guardian Node. Just as many things in life...

Theta Mainnet 2.0 Staking Options


There are a few ways you can stake your Theta on their new Mainnet 2.0. First Option – set up your own server. The requirements for a Guardian node are the following:1. A minimum of 10,000 Theta tokens AND2. Minimum 5Mbps+ up and downAND3...

Staying Private Software


Below is a small list of software you can use to keep yourself Staying Private. I will be adding to the list as I do more research and reviews. Encrypted Email – ProtonmailAll emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. This...

Pi-hole Test Drive


Below is a link to the Pi-hole I’ve set up on the internet. Typically Pi-holes are run locally on a network, but this install is for your enjoyment and testing. If you would like to see how the Pi-hole works with your computer, you can simply...

Pi-hole – What Is It?


What is a Pi-hole and why should I have one Pi-hole is network-based ad-blocking software which will run on a Raspberry Pi, which is a popular Single Board Computer (SBC). It uses DNS sinkholing and blocklists as a way of...

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