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Keeping Things Private On Telegram

Here are a few things you might want to do to keep yourself private when using Telegram. All these setting can be found in Privacy and Security settings. These are suggested settings and set them to what you feel comfortable with.

Are you tired of being added to a random Telegram channels? I’ve been added to bogus, impersonated Telegram Channels which I thought and appeared to be the original channel i joined. Make sure you set #5 to My contacts.

1. Hide your Phone number
– Set Who can see my phone number to Nobody
– Set Who can find me by my number to My Contacts
– Add exceptions if you’d like
2. Turn off Last seen & online
– Set Who can see my last seen time to Nobody
– Add exceptions if you’d like
3. Set a Profile photo that’s not who you really are
– If you would like to set your real photo
– Set Who can see my profile photo to My Contacts
4. Set Voice calls
– Set Who can call me Nobody. Use Signal instead.
5. Set Group & channels invite settings
– Set to My contacts
Check your Show all Sessions
– Check to see if you are signed in on other devices
You can set a local password with Turn on local passcode
– this option sets a password for local access
Enable Two-step verification
– It is a email 2FA. Not the most secure option.
Delete my Account
– Sets a self-destruction timeframe for account

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