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Hedera HBAR Wallet Recovery

I’ve had issues recently with the Hedera HBAR wallet on my iPhone AND iPad. Every time I’ve tried to send coins the app would crash and no coins would be sent. I’ve had other people complain about not being able to get passed the HBAR wallet asking to approve the 24 words. The iPhone wallet was working about 2 weeks ago (early July 2020) when I accessed it to move some coins over to my ledger. There must have been some upgrade that threw a wrench into things. Maybe Apple will fix things, maybe Hedera will. Either way, I’m not waiting around for a fix.

The main idea is to get your HBAR off a mobile or browser extension wallet. I sleep much better at night knowing my coins are on a hardware wallet. The idea around the video is to show you how to easily recover your HBAR, using your 24 words, to a browser extension wallet. I’m not a fan of extension wallets so immediately after restoring the wallet I sent all my HBAR to my Ledger NanoX. I didn’t opt to delete and restore my wallet on my iPhone or iPad just incase I didn’t have the correct 24 words.

Please see my other video explaining how to set up your Ledger and Hedera HBAR prior to recovering your older wallet.

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