CryptoLab VPN Installation Instructions and Documentation

Below you will find the CryptoLab VPN installation instructions and some additional documentation. Let’s remember that this service is set up to allow us to fly under the radar. To not be apart of a larger VPN company where your IP address is known to be a VPN. Let’s NOT use this service for file sharing, movie sharing and other legal and not so legal things that would get us flagged and our IP reputation placed on a fraud list. Here is a simple example –

Once you’ve purchased your CryptoLab VPN Service you will be able to visit the downloads page to retrieve your VPN configuration files. Use these files to set up each individual VPN connection. You will be issued 10 VPN* connections for each VPN connection city. You can mix and match which files you install on which computers or mobile devices.

VPN Installation/Configuration

0:10 In this video today, I'm going to go over the concepts and what you should understand about the VPN service that I...

In this video today, I'm going to go over the concepts and what you should understand about the VPN service that I offer.
The first thing that I want you to know is that, there, this is unlike any of the other VPN services that you have, the configuration files that we're going to download and install on your desktop computer or take a picture of a QR code for your mobile device. That is your username and password, and you don't need to have a login. You don't need to remember a password. That file is your username and password. And so, number one, we want to make sure that you keep it safe and secure place, and that you just know where they are. They will always be in the download area.
And so, let's go through that first. So, this is the the VPN page. You can see where this is the, this is the old video, that will, this video will replace it, and I'll go through some of the new pieces to it. But what you want to do is that you want to know, as we scroll down here, are the different videos that will show you how to install it on a Mac OS desktop, or Windows an i-phone, Linux and Android.
And those videos just are a demonstration of how easy it is to install the configuration file, which would be for the Mac desktop, or Windows Desktop, or a Linux desktop computer. And then there's the PNG, and a PNG is an image. It's kind of like a JPEG or gif file.
But it's an image that will show you how to open that, and you would install it on your iOS, or your Android.
And the configuration files will kind of look similar to this. Here's an example of that.
And we'll kind of go through that in just a little bit. But I wanted to, kinda show you, and here's kind of an example of what the Breakdown is.
But where we're wanting to go is right here, and these are the different locations.
I've added some in this, this new version of the VPN service that Atlanta is ad blocking. All of the VPN services are ad blocking, except for one of the Dallas. And you'll be able to see that you can tell the difference. because one says, Well, all of them say, no ads.
And the Dallas one that shows ads, we'll show you ads. And the reason why you need to have, well, number one, why you want to have ad blocking is, it's pretty obvious.
It's not just ad blocking, but it's also some tracking blocking a, a lite version of that, but it tries to block as many ads and that Add file is updated, I believe. Every 24 hours, so they try to stay on top of that.
And the These are all the different cities that you can come from Atlanta, Dallas, Frankfurt, Germany, Fremont, California, which is Bay Area, London, Mumbai, Newark, Singapore, Sydney, and Toronto. And those are all the different cities that you can come from. And you'll see that there are different files for those different cities. So let's get back up to the top.
And we are going to download the config files.
So to get to the configuration files, we're going to want to first do is make sure that we're logged in. You'll see that when you need to login, you will see the login area.
You'll click on that, and you'll come to this page, and you can click Login.
This will get you into the site. You're not going to find the download files here.
Even though it does say downloads, this is a different set of downloads that have nothing to do with what we wanted to do.
So what you want to do is under the VPN area, you'll go down to the VPN documentation, and out to the right, you'll see that it has VPN monitoring, website monitoring, and VPN connection files. So we're gonna go down to the VPN connection files, and we're going to land on this page that is much larger Sketch here consultation today. Than I thought, I kinda need to remove that.
So what you can do is, this is my set of VPN files, VPN Number 28 90, and I'm going to download them.
And I am going to go to the Downloads file and I'm going to save them and they are there.
Let's go back to the documentation file or the documentation page.
And here are the VPN files.
You can store them wherever you want But right now they're in a zipped format, so we're gonna go and to the downloads area. I'm going to look at all of these.
And I am going to different people will have different options. But you can use the utility option, or you can just double click.
And it's going to put these files wherever they will be restored when you unzip them. Right now, I'm going to keep them in the Downloads area, But I should move them to my documents area, but I'm not going to do that right now.
So we're going to open the file and you're gonna see all of these wonderful files, what the files within the folder that I just opened.
So you'll see that there's 28 90 Atlanta, dot comp, 28, 90, Atlanta, PNG, those were the two different file types that I was talking about, the dot com you would use for a desktop.
And the PNG is what you'll open up as an image and snap a picture of.
But the thing that you need to be aware of is that you see all of these files.
There are quite a few of them, there are about 1100 of them.
And you're wondering to yourself, Why did you give me so many? The reason why I gave you so many is that you can put them on multiple machines. I gave you 10 sets of these.
So, you'll see that 28 90 It's right there and it goes all the way down to 28, 90. Here.
And in that, you have every, um, city that there's a VPN connection.
So this set of files right here contain Atlanta, Dallas' no adds Dallas.
Regular Frankfort, no ads, Everything is no ads.
Except for this set of Dallas files, Frankfort, Freemont, London, Mumbai, Newark, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.
This set of files with 28 90 you can consider for a particular computer.
So right now I am going to take these files and I am going to install them on my laptop here. And so, once these have been installed on my laptop, I'm going to throw them away, it will remind me that they've already been used.
I shouldn't use them again.
And then, if I ever needed to use them, again, because I replace my laptop, something like that, there'll be right back in the download area that you can download again.
So, I'll kinda demonstrate really quickly how to put it into this laptop.
But once these are done, and I want to put it on my i-phone, then what I would do is I would take 28, 91, and I would put all of these 28, 90 ones all the way down to hear this set I would put on my i-phone, et cetera, et cetera.
So the next set, 28, 92, and all of those that are are to 28, 92, I would put on the next device, my desktop, or something like that.
But let's start with, with this really quick.
If you currently have Wyer Gaard, and other config files in there, or dot com files, what you can do, the little serpent up here. When it's grayed out like that, it means that it's not running.
But when it has, when it's filled in and it's white, then it would be active and running.
So you can click on the Wire Guard logo, go down to Manage Tunnels.
And here, we have Atlanta, and this is a different naming sequence, I went to the sequence that I have right now, which is much easier because then you know that all your 28 nineties go on your laptop.
And the, the other way that I had named it, it was not as easy, so I'm going to remove Atlanta and London, I'm going to click on what I want to remove, and write down here.
You will click Delete.
Same with London. Delete.
OK, now I want to add, and it's very similar, too.
To the Windows side of things, it's also on the, on your mobile device, there is a minus which would delete it, delete your old ones because they are not going to work after a period of time.
So we're going to do, plus, say, import.
We're going to go to the Downloads area.
We're going to select E, VPN files, and if you want to get tricky and you know how to do it, you can select each one and say import. Or, I believe this is the command key.
And you can just go down and click each file.
Remember? Only Click 28 90.
If I did 2 28, 928, 91, I would want to un select that. If you put 28, 91, as well as 28, 90, and your numbering sequence is going to be different than this.
You're not gaining any benefit. You're going to the same VPN server, just under a different username and password than than you would and username and password is really a very transparent to you. So, what we would do is, after we select all the ones that we want to, we're going to hit import.
Gotta say yes.
Boy, I did it incorrectly. I did not read and 10 of my 12 tunnel's went in.
So, I guess this proves that I need to read to.
I'm missing a few. What I need to do is go back in.
And you can do import tunnels from a file.
And let's see. Which ones am I missing? I believe I'm missing.
Atlanta, Dallas, no ads, because I was not paying attention.
I'm going to import those, and I should have 11 files, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
I do have all of them. So I guess I need, oh, yeah, there's 11 cities but 12 files.
Because Dallas has no ads, as well, ads, letting anything really through.
So, that's how you install the Duck comp files.
And it's pretty straightforward, You'll see them down below, but before we go, we do want to remove the files that we just added.
So, I'm going to click 28, 90.
Squirrel all the way down to Toronto.
And I am going to see move to trash.
I've already installed them, they can be found right under here, and they are ready to go.
There's not too much more to the service, but I did want to show you some of the things that can help you troubleshoot if you run into problems.
If you feel you're connecting to a city and it's not connecting correctly, you're getting a ..., a blank page that says, you know, cannot connect to server.
What you can do is you can come back to black lab dot net and go under the VPN information or info, down to VPN documentation and VPN monitoring.
And this is a third party monitoring service that I subscribe to, and it checks the servers every minute, and it appears that everything is running fine.
We have Atlanta, Dallas, Dallas, no ads, ads, Freemont, London.
Bi is a newer one that I have added.
And so it doesn't have that much history, Newark, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo and Toronto. So you'll see Toronto had a little problem. It was April 14th.
It was down for just a little bit, so that they only, It was up for 97.9, 7, 6% of the time.
But one thing that you may run into that we had happen in London earlier this year was that the DNS service that I select, which is Quad nine, and ...
is a non-profit, non tracking DNS service that does not track or log your, uh, your DNS inquiries.
And DNS's, a service, a protocol, that takes your question of, where is black lab dot net and turns it into an IP address.
And so, it's, if someone has your DNS information, are, sorry, your DNS inquiry's, they're gonna know what your habits are, what your, um, what your interests are. And so it's really good to keep that as anonymous as possible. And so as part of the VPN service, I use a company called .... And ... was being attacked out of London.
And so they turned off the DNS to the London area from the colo that I'm using lonard. And I did not know that.
And so people were having issues. I wasn't having an issue, because I wasn't going to London at that point.
And it still showed as up and running, because the server was up and running. It just could not resolve the DNS because into London kalo. There were people that were attacking Quad nine, their DNS service so, I didn't know that it was it was out.
And so if you run into any issues with connecting what you can do, first check this, and then come.
And you can say, hey, George, I'm having an issue with the VPN connection from XYZ City. And I will take a look at it, and I'll see if I'm having the same issue. I may or may not be having the same issue, but I can check that out. And the only way to to know that it's down that way when it's a third party DNS, is for people to let me know. So you can always contact me and give me that information. So that's all I have for right now.
Thanks a lot.

CryptoLab VPN Connection Files & WireGuard

First, download and un-zip your VPN configuration files

Download VPN Configuration Files

Second, install WireGuard on the computer or mobile device you want to configure for a VPN connection.

Download WireGuard Software

Below you will find documentation on how to install your VPN on your computer or mobile device. Make sure to read through each device type you want to add. 

  • Each configuration file allows one connection and one static IP address.
  • Once you use the configuration file on one computer, you cannot use it on another.
  • The configuration files are custom to you and to the VPN it will be connecting to. These connection files do not require you to know a user name or password. The files, themselves, are the user name and password. Keep these files in a safe place after they’ve been issued to you. You can always find these files in your download area if you misplace them. 

CryptoLab VPN Connection Files

The emailed folder will contain 10 connection files for each VPN connection city. You can use all 10 connections yourself or split it with your friends and family. The .conf files & .png files contain your user names and passwords. You never need to use your email address or an account name to log into a VPN. Below is an example of the files you’ll be receiving.

Using the example folder above:

  • 2890-atlanta-noads.conf – A Text file used to create a connection on your desktop computer. This file contains all of the connection information needed to make a VPN connection to Atlanta, GA.
  • 2890-atlanta-noads.png – An Image file used to create a connection on a device with a camera (iPad, smart phone, etc). This file contains all of the connection information needed to make a VPN connection to Atlanta, GA.

Once you have used the 2890-atlanta-noads.conf OR 2890-atlanta-noads.png file, do not use them again on any other computer. I recommend that you delete them or move them to a folder labeled “Used”. Do not use either of these files on another device until you remove them from the original device. Once installed, a VPN connection will not need to be re-installed unless you delete the connection on WireGuard.

You can install all the 2890-<cityname>xxx.conf files on a single computer. Meaning install all the 2890-xxxx on your Apple laptop. Then you can install all the 2891-xxx files on your Apple Desktop. 

Naming Convention

In the example above, I have named the files to associate with the VPN connection location. Let’s break down the file name:


2890 = file number(s) you are issued atlanta = city you are connecting into noads = ads are blocked .conf = a text file to up load to a wireguard connection .png = a QR picture to make your wireguard connection


Below are the locations of each VPN. You will see that all but the Dallas location have ad and malware blocking. 

LocationAd BlockingEncrypted DNS
Frankfurt (Germany)YesYes
Fremont (California)YesYes
London *YesYes
Singapore YesYes
Sydney *YesYes
Toronto YesYes
Why Would I Want To See Ads?

No one really wants to see ads. But sometimes you have to, to play the game, see the news or just visit a site. VPN connections are not perfect and they can be identified. There are times when websites show you content that might be blocked by ad-blocking technologies. To get around this, you can simply change your VPN connection to the Dallas location. The technology that we use to block ads is not like the ad blockers in your browser. The technology that we use is more in line with how a Pi-Hole works.