Pi-hole Compatible Routers and ISP


List of Routers That May or May Not Work NetGear Routers seem to work fine Tp-Link – NoThey don’t allow DNS settings to be set to a local DNS IP address such as Here is a list of ISP and ease of use AT&T – works...

Where To Get A Pi-hole


There are a few places online you can pick up a Pi-hole or you can build one yourself out of a Raspberry Pi. But if you don’t have the expertise or want to spend the time just buy one online and get it into your network. When you’re...

Pi-hole Update Software


How to update your RaspberryPi OS Running Pi-hole To update software in RaspberryPi OS, you can use the apt tool in a terminal. Open a terminal window from the taskbar or application menu. First, update your system’s package list by entering...

Pi-hole Update IP Address


Pi-hole Reset IP Address There are 2 basic ways to update your IP address. You can terminal into your Pi-hole or reconfigure your Pi-hole and make the changes to your IP address as well as other settings. The first example is to update your ip...

Pi-hole Test Drive


Below is a link to the Pi-hole I’ve set up on the internet. Typically Pi-holes are run locally on a network, but this install is for your enjoyment and testing. If you would like to see how the Pi-hole works with your computer, you can simply...

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