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ZIL – Storing Zilliqa on Ledger


There is a difference between a Ledger NanoS and a NanoX. ZIL is one of those differences. In order to store you ZIL on a Ledger you need to store it on a NanoS. If you plug in your Ledger NanoX and search for ZIL, you will find nothing. But if you do that same search while your NanoS is installed you will find the app. The official Ledger Support page for ZIL.

Searches while Ledger NanoS connected

Searches while Ledger NanoX connected


Horizen – ZEN


Below is some information on Horizen’s ZEN and how you can use the ZEN Faucet to earn free ZEN daily.

Main website – website –

The coin can be stored on 2 hardware wallets, Ledger & CoolWallet. There is also a variety of other wallets that you can use –

Free ZEN Coins

ZEN has a Faucet @ The ZEN Faucet can be used ever 20 hours for free ZEN.

It gets a little involved to set up. It requires a @gmail address to have an account set up. If you do set up a ZEN account to use the Faucet, you have to download and install their Sphere desktop wallet. My first attempt while using a test NordVPN account out of London failed. I then tried again using CryptoLab VPN out of Atlanta and everything went through fine.

You are forced to use a @gmail address to sign up for an account. You are incentivized to verify your ZEN address, use a Brave Browser, add social media like FarceBook, Twitter & Linkedin. If you come back each day and get more free ZEN, you also recieve bonus ZEN.

*** Notes ***You might get an error if you use a VPN and come from a different IP address. I found this to be the case. Just come from one IP address and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Free Crypto Coins


Free Coins

Earn free coins by using the links below. Don’t have a Coinbase account? Open A Coinbase Account.

EOS – earn up to $50 in EOS from Coinbase

XLM – Stellar Lumens – earn up to $50 in XLM from Coinbase

XLM – Stellar Lumens – earn multiple airdrops from Keybase

BAT – Basic Attention Token – earn up to $10 in BAT from Coinbase

XTZ – Tezos – earn up to $6 in XTZ from Coinbase

DAI – earn up to $20 in DAI from Coinbase

OXT – Orchid – earn up to $40 in OXT from Coinbase

BitCoin Black from Bitcoin Black

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