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BCH Fork 2020


Bitcoin Cash Fork, 15 November 2020: What it Means for YouBitcoin Cash will hard fork on November 15 2020 around 12:00 pm UTC as part of a scheduled protocol upgrade. This upgrade is controversial and will likely result in two chains after the fork. The likely split is between two protocols known as “Bitcoin Cash Node” and “Bitcoin Cash ABC.” At the present time, over 70% of blocks are signaling for Bitcoin Cash Node while less than 1% are signaling for Bitcoin Cash ABC, so Bitcoin Cash Node looks like it will be the dominant chain by far. If your platform does not support the fork and you wish to participate, do not wait until 2 days before the fork to do something, do it now.

C&B – Caleb & BrownC&B will not be supporting the BCH fork. I spoke with Jeff Zylstra this morning and this is what he had to say. “Unfortunately we do not support forks or airdrops 🙁  Token holders will need to withdraw to their personal wallets”Which makes perfect sense on their end. 

Hardware Wallet Support Ledger will suspend their BCH services from the 12th of November at 07:00 UTC for security reasonsTrezor WILL NOT support the BCH fork“SatoshiLabs (aka Trezor) will not be participating in the fork until a decision is made by the community. If you wish to take part in the fork, you should transfer your BCH balance to another wallet which is supporting the coin split, to make sure you receive any coins resulting from the hard fork.”

Exchange SupportKraken will support the Fork.Binance will suspend BCH deposits and withdrawals on the day of the hard fork, then act depending on which of the two presented scenarios comes true: there are two competing chains, or there is no new coin.OKEx has announced their support for the hard fork, stating that, should it be successful, OKEx users holding BCH prior to the fork would receive the two new assets, BCH ABC and BCHN. In the days leading to the fork the BCH margin lending function, spot and margin trading services, and deposit function will all be suspended.Huobi Global made similar statements, adding that “after the community has formed a consensus on BCH naming, we will end the transition period and rename BCHA or BCHN.” FTX also discussed the competing chain scenario, stating, as Binance did, that “users will be credited with the BCH from the chain with the most work done.”In the meantime, Poloniex told its users that they can either hold their BCH which will be converted to BCHABC and BCHSV after the fork, or they can convert their coins into BCHABC and BCHSV before the fork and trade those tokens in the BTC and USDC markets. Both chains will be supported, but if only one remains technically and economically viable “we may rename it BCH,” they said.BitMEX said that the products and indices affected by the fork “will follow one side of the fork only and we aim to keep markets open when the fork occurs,” adding that product and index names will remain unchanged.

Software WalletsI have not found a statement on whether Exodus or Atomic Wallet will be supporting the BCH Fork.ExodusTrying to support all forks of a coin is simply not feasible for Exodus, and is often technically impossible as well. This applies to many of the forks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, EOS, and other assets that have occurred over the years. Many of these forks may offer little to no market value, or they may suffer from a lack of developer support.


ADX Swap


Below is a video that was put together with information from the links found below the video.  If your tokens are staked on the ADX portal or held on a major exchange (Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, Uniswap,, Huobi or HitBTC) they are migrated automatically and you do not need to do anything.

Help with the ADX token swap
How to add the new ADX (contract) in MetaMask
OPTIONAL: After this, we recommend that you add the new ADX to MetaMask so that it shows in “Assets”. Here’s how to do it:

Go to “Assets” in Metamask.,
Scroll to the bottom and click “Add Token”
Select “Custom Token” and enter 0xade00c28244d5ce17d72e40330b1c318cd12b7c3 – the two other fields (decimals and name) will fill up automatically.
Click on “Next” to finish the process.

How to find out whether I hold the new or the legacy ADX?

On Etherscan, the legacy token will show up with the name “AdEx”, symbol ADX and token address 0x4470BB87d77b963A013DB939BE332f927f2b992e
On Etherscan, the new token will show up with the name “AdEx Network”, symbol ADX and token address 0xADE00C28244d5CE17D72E40330B1c318cD12B7c3


Swapping ETHOS, BQX to VGX


The question came up on how you can swap your ETHOS and BQX to VGX. I’m not exactly sure when the rebranding occurred, but ETHOS was rebranded to VGX. You can read the official announcement. But if it’s been rebranded, do you need to swap your coins for new coins? Here is the answer from someone in their tech support group.


The Voyager Token (VGX) was previously trading under both BXQ (Bitquence) and ETHOS (Ethos). Not all exchanges or wallets have been able to make appropriate updates to the display name and ticker when these rebranding efforts took place. Binance, in particular, still shows BQX (The Voyager Token) as the ticker symbol and name. Some other wallets and exchanges still show ETHOS.

However, the underlying ETH contract for the token was never changed when the display name and ticker was rebranded. You can seamlessly send funds to and from any exchange or wallet regardless of the name being different. No token swap is needed. BQX, ETHOS and VGX will be received properly across exchanges or wallets even if the display name is not matching.



LCC Litecoincash Fork


It’s time for another fork? It appears that LCC will be participating in a 4 way fork. LCC, BTC, DASH & DOGE holders will be getting some free RNG (Ring) .

To participate you will need to have your LCC coins in a LCC Core Wallet or LCC Magnum Wallet. They will be taking a snapshot on Feb 18, 2020. Make sure you have your LCC in one of those 2 wallets before that date. Why a Core or Magnum wallet? It appears that you will need to expose your private key to get the new coin. It’s very similar to how LCC was forked from LTC. For anyone who has your LCC still in your ledger wallet in the form of the forked LTC, it might be time to get your coins.

Below are the claim amounts for Ring

1 RNG = 1 BTC

1 RNG = 5000 LCC

DASH = The claim ratio of Dash will be derived from the exchange value against Bitcoin at the time of the snapshot.

DOGE = The claim ratio of Doge will be derived from the exchange value against Bitcoin at the time of the snapshot.

Secret Bonus = who knows….

More information can be found here: 

DTA Token Swap


Please see the Adding DTA to Klaytn Wallet page on how to add the DTA token to the Klaytn Wallet.

Attention: Please be careful when you transfer your DTA from one exchange to another. Now that Bittrex and Upbit have complete their DTA token swap, they only have DTA(Native). Other exchanges still have DTA(ERC20). Do NOT transfer DTA(ERC20) to Bittrex or Upbit you will lose anything transfered.

December 12, 2019 UPDATE: From DTA – “We are planning other ways such as another DTA token swap and staking program in the near future, just like the last one we have launched in Antube. Users can participate by staking DTA(ERC20) and they will get back DTA(Native) after the program ends.”

December 9, 2019 and are closing down on December 15, 2019. There will be no DTA swaps taking place on Huobi. No US exchange has yet to be announced.

November 24, 2019 Please see the Adding DTA to Klaytn Wallet page on how to add the DTA token to the Klaytn Wallet.

November 19, 2019 – Upbit will start DTA token swap on Korean time November 21th 2:00 pm. During token swap, withdrawal/deposit is suspended, however, the trade of DTA will be unaffected. Within this period, users who hold DTA(ERC20) on Upbit will automatically complete DTA token swap, and their DTA(ERC20) will be converted to DTA(Native), which is based on DATA’s strategic partner Korean’s No.1 mobile company Kakao’s Klaytn mainnet. Learn more about it: 

November 13, 2019 – DTA Token Swap Announcement on Medium After DATA has switched to Klaytn mainnet, the first exchange DTA token swap will launch on Bittrex

Users can transfer DTA (Native) to the following wallet: Kakao Klaytn Web Wallet 

DO NOT USE BITTRIX – I recieved this from Bittrix today “The swap is currently underway and the wallet is closed at this time. This is a one time swap and we will not be performing the swap a second time. Please do not deposit your DTA (ERC20) as this will be considered a cross-chain and could potentially be unrecoverable.”

You might need this informaiton to pull DTA off of MEW or LedgerLive

DTA Contract on etherscan.ioContract address: 0x69b148395ce0015c13e36bffbad63f49ef874e03 18 decimals


October 4, 2019They intend on working with some exchanges to make the token swap.Two announced exchanges for US citizens are, Exchanges external to USA are Huobi Global & Huobi Korea. At this time, only China residents and US residents in qualified states can register on HBUS. They do not currently provide services to US persons who reside in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, and all U.S. Territories. If anyone resides in one of these areas and doesn’t have a VPN, you can contact me and I could let you use a 1 time VPN to set up your account. You will need to Verify your account to Level 1 to do anything but browse.

Adding DTA to Klaytn Wallet


After you do your native DTA token swap at any of the exchanges, you will need to move your DTA (native) to one of the online wallets. This will focus on getting into the Klaytn Wallet. You can create your own Klaytn wallet by visiting . Setting up a wallet is easy. Just follow the simple online creation tool. After you have your wallet established, you will need some extra information to show you DTA (native) in the klaytn wallet. It’s a similar process of adding an ERC20 token in MEW.

Please refer to the DTA Token Swap page for more information on the native token swap.

You will need this information to Add the DTA (native) token to the Klaytn Wallet.

Token Symbol – DTAToken Contract Address – 0x8177ac20455f31d8cb777923f0c632436568c719Decimals – 18

DTA (DATA) put out a comprehensive Kakao Klaytn Wallet User Guide

MED & MEDX token swap


UPDATE: This is the official wallet for the New MED token . You can read all about how to swap using their mediBridge via this article:

ATTENTION: there is a person trying to scam users out of their MED and MEDX. Only use an exchange or the bridge to swap your MED.

mediBridge Swap Period2019.10.08 14:00(KST) ~ 2019.12.07 23:59(KST)After 2019.12.07 token swap through mediBridge will not be possible.

The token swap ratio will be 1 : 0.5.(1 MED, QRC20 token or 1 MEDX, ERC20 token : 0.5 MED Mainnet Coin)

**********Medibloc will be using Tendermint for its own stand-alone blockchain. MedCoin will be running on the Tendermint consensus algorithm. Currently, there is no released wallet.

During the token swap process, MED & MEDX will become one single coin. If you have MED on a Qtum Core wallet you will need to upgrade the wallet to atleast 0.18.1

It appears that MED & MEDX will be running on the Tendermint consensus algorithm.

Qtum Core Wallet Issues?If you’re having issues sending out your MED to Coinrail or whatever exchange you are going to use for the token swap, you are not alone. I had an issue and I’ve heard of a few others with a similar issue in the telegram group. My error message can be found below.

Solution #1My fix was to increase the GasPrice from .00000040 to .00000080. However, the day before I also sent qtum to my MED address. That didn’t seem to fix the issue, but it could have a part in the fix.

Solution #2This was taken directly off the document site QRC20 TokensTo send QRC20 tokens you must have sufficient QTUM coins in the address tied to that token. The web wallet default fee for sending tokens is 0.00000040 gas price x 250,000 gas = 0.1 QTUM plus the default transaction fee of 0.01 QTUM, for a total fee of 0.11 QTUM. You can use these default values unless you understand how to set lower values, but don’t worry, any excess gas will be refunded as a mined amount (the mined amount must mature for 500 blocks before it can be sent or used for gas/fees).

Using online wallet?Solutions:

Docs show how to add a QRC20 token to the online wallet. When you log into this wallet it will NOT show your MED tokens. It’s similar to ETH MEW not showing your ERC20 tokens (and lately LedgerLive) and having to add the tokens in manually. You will need the contact address that can be found below.

MED Contract Hash / ID: 2f65a0af11d50d2d15962db39d7f7b0619ed55aeHere is a link to also verify that you are using the correct contract MED Contract URL

Token Swap Using Coinrail

Coinrail appears to be the offical exchange for US token holders. You will need to move both your tokens to Coinrail for the swap. You can sign up for an account at Coinrail as a US citizen. To be able to withdrawal coins you will need to be a “Level 2 Authentication”. This authentication level will allow you to withdrawl up to 20,000,000 KRW daily. That equates to about USD$ 16,730.

I have sucessfully sent both my MED & MEDX to Coinrail. They are sitting there waiting for the process to start on September 30, 2019. More updates to follow.

If you have issues with the registraion email link, contact me directly in Telegram

I’ve recieved an answer to my questions I sent to Coinrail. I asked them if they could guarantee that if I was coming from the US that I would have no issues taking the new coins off the exchange after conversion. Their answer was “we cannot say you nothing about that for now. You can check the list by email and notice.”

If you wait a bit I can run through the process first and let you know if I run into any snags. Either way I’d would create an account at Coinrail to start.


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