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ADA Cardano Incentivized Testnet

ADA Incentivized Testnet what is it and how to get it

UPDATE Snapshot Taken – November 29, 2019:

The balance snapshot was taken on November 29 at 12:00 UTC. If you had ada in a mainnet Daedalus or Yoroi wallet at the time, you will soon be able to delegate your stake to earn real ada rewards on the Incentivized Testnet. First, there will be a brief interim period to allow stake pool operators to set up before the Incentivized Testnet wallets are released and delegation begins. To learn how to operate a stake pool on the Incentivized Testnet, please visit our testnet website.

Cardano Announcement – November 27, 2019:

The full balance snapshot has been scheduled for November 29 at 12:00 noon UTC. If you wish to participate in the Incentivized Testnet and earn real ada rewards, you must ensure that your mainnet ada funds are in either a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet at the time of the balance snapshot.

And what exactly is a balance snapshot? A balance snapshot is a record of all ada on the network at a particular point in time. That record will then be used to replicate ada balances on the Incentivized Testnet, so users can delegate or operate stake pools with an amount of testnet ada equivalent to their real ada.

After the balance snapshot is taken, there will be a brief period during which the Cardano Foundation will work with stake pool operators to help set up their pools and debug any network issues. Once we’re happy that the network is stable and there are sufficient reliable stake pools, the rewards phase of the Incentivized Testnet will begin for delegators. A new version of the testnet wallets will be made available with which users can explore core functions and ensure their testnet ada balances are displaying correctly before rewards are rolled out. As always, we’ll be sharing progress updates along the way to keep you informed.

For now, anyone interested in taking part in this testnet MUST:

  • Be aware the balance snapshot will be happening on November 29, at 12:00 noon UTC.
  • And ensure that your ada is in either a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet before November 29.

We’ll be back soon with more updates!

Cardano Announcement – November 15, 2019:

We are pleased to announce that the Daedalus & Yoroi (Shelley Testnet) Balance Check wallet is now available for download! Follow the instructions on IOHK’s website for Daedalus and EMURGO’s Q&A tutorial video for Yoroi wallet to check if your ada balance has been correctly captured as we head toward the rollout of our Incentivized Shelley testnet

For Daedalus Wallet:

For Yoroi Shelley Testnet wallet: Chrome:


EMURGO’s Yoroi Balance Check Tutorial Video + Q&A:

Shelley mainnet goes live: an Incentivized Testnet that all ada holders can join to earn real ada rewards. Rewards earned from the Incentivized Testnet will be transferred to the mainnet. The ada earned from delegating your stake or operating a stake pool are real and will be transferred to the mainnet when it goes live.

Anybody that holds ada at the time of the balance snapshot can participate in the Incentivized Testnet. But you’ll need to ensure that you are holding it in either a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet.

Cardano Incentivized Testnet Site

What’s Next?: If you had ada in a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet when the balance check snapshot was taken at 12.00 UTC on November 12, you’ll soon be able to check your testnet balance. Special balance check versions of Daedalus and Yoroi will be available in the next few days, where you’ll be able to validate that your mainnet ada balance was accurately captured. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when the new wallet clients are available, or check back here.

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