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This is an excerpt from an email I just got from the AdaLite group. It answers some questions that have been posed to them. The only relationship I have with AdaLite is that I stake my ADA with them.


When are the Staking Rewards distributed?

Seems like this is still unclear to many people. Initially, when you first delegate, it takes 15-19 days for your first reward to show up, after that you will be receiving your rewards every 5 days, at the end of the epoch. You can take a look at this picture to better understand the Staking Rewards lifecycle.

  • If you delegated your stake on or before 13th August you should already see rewards in your wallet. 
  • If you first delegated between 14th-18th August, you will receive rewards at the end of current epoch (2nd September).
  • If you first delegated between 19 Aug – 23 Aug you will get first rewards on 8th September
  • First delegations between 24-29 Aug will receive rewards 13th September.

Please remember, you don’t have to withdraw the rewards after each epoch, they are automatically staked!

How are the rewards affected by the pool performance?

We already know exact results for the first 2 epochs where the staking rewards bonus or penalties for pool performance were not applied. ADLT pools brought over 5.4% ROI to our delegators (after fees) which is pretty much market standard among the top pools.

Currently, this ROI was mostly affected by the size of the pool (larger pools had slightly better ROI) but from the last epoch 213 (24th – 28th August) also the pool performance and luck are kicking in. This means that rewards will be affected by the number of blocks the pool minted compared to how many blocks the pool was supposed to mint.

How many blocks is the pool entitled to mine in an epoch is affected by some randomness so it can happen that pool that minted all blocks it was assigned will have under average performance because they were randomly assigned fewer blocks to mint in the epoch and vice versa, a pool that missed some of its blocks can have above-average performance if they randomly received more blocks to mint in the epoch. But in the long run, it should be easy to find out which pools are reliable and which not.

AdaLite Stake Pools update

Our pools are doing really great and we will bring better than average returns to our delegators for epoch 213 as we were lucky and we were assigned a lot of blocks. We expect the ROI for ADLT2 to be around 5.7% and for ADLT we expect even up to 6.5% ROI for the epoch 213 (you will see the exact results after current epoch 214 ends on Wednesday).

As we have been receiving a lot of delegations lately, first two pools are already pretty full and we opened 3rd pool. The saturation level for ADLT2 pool reached 85% which is still good and won’t affect the performance of the pool in a negative way but it would be great if some people from ADLT2 move to the new ADLT3 pool. We received almost 70 million of ADA delegated to ADLT2 in one night last week.


What is Pool saturation?

Saturation is a term used to indicate that a particular stake pool has more stake delegated to it than is ideal for the network. This is dependant on the current setting of the network and currently, pools that have more than ~210 million ADA delegated to them are considered saturated and receive penalties for the rewards. 

Staking Rewards withdrawal

Delegators are receiving rewards at the end of the epoch to special Rewards Address which is represented by the Rewards Account Balance on the Staking screen in AdaLite. Once you have some funds on this account, you will see the withdraw button that will allow you to transfer the funds to one of your spending addresses. This operation involves a transaction fee and it is not necessary to do this unless you want to send the rewards away from your wallet. Rewards are automatically staked also when they are sitting in your Rewards Account (you just can’t spend them).

Export transaction history to CSV

We added the possibility to export your transaction history to CSV. Currently, we also display rewards withdrawal transactions here but we don’t display the rewards distribution. It is up to a discussion about what should we be displaying in the export in future – rewards distribution after each epoch or the rewards withdrawal only.

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  1. apsara

    Hi George,

    Thanks for the brilliant info!
    I think you mentioned that before, but what happens if I have ADA staked/delegated on my ADAlite wallet and then later send additional ADA to this address. It looks like it automatically gets added to the stake, no?
    So, it’s not like with WAX where you have to manually add new coins to the stake?

    Best wishes,

    • Correct. From what I can tell you don’t need to stake any new ADA you put in the wallet. You also don’t need to stake any earnings you get from staking your ADA. Everything seems to be completely automatic.

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